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That dreaded notice, “Your password will expire in 10 days”.  Seems like I just changed it and with all the new requirements like numbers, characters and Capitalization it has been a real challenge to keep up.

But Rohan Rajiv writes in his “A Learning Day” blog how Mauricio Estrella turned frustration to motivation when he was required to change his password every 30 days. He just changed those passwords to cues for a changed life.

So, his first password became – Forgive@h3r. One month later, it became Quit@smoking4ever. The daily act of typing his password in resulted in him quitting smoking. Next month, it was Save4trip@thailand. 3 months later, he was in Thailand.

A simple but great idea for something most people dislike.

Read Rohan’s post here – and consider subscribing to his daily “A Learning Life” blog.

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