TRENDS in Occupational Education

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If you are here because you attended my presentation – Welcome!

The slides from the presentation can be found here.

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Thank you for all your kind words at the Conference!

— Professor Gary

Do you #Hashtag?

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The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education has just been updated. You can find the list here



That dreaded notice, “Your password will expire in 10 days”.  Seems like I just changed it and with all the new requirements like numbers, characters and Capitalization it has been a real challenge to keep up.

But Rohan Rajiv writes in his “A Learning Day” blog how Mauricio Estrella turned frustration to motivation when he was required to change his password every 30 days. He just changed those passwords to cues for a changed life.

So, his first password became – Forgive@h3r. One month later, it became Quit@smoking4ever. The daily act of typing his password in resulted in him quitting smoking. Next month, it was Save4trip@thailand. 3 months later, he was in Thailand.

A simple but great idea for something most people dislike.

Read Rohan’s post here – and consider subscribing to his daily “A Learning Life” blog.

A good read about how the Teacher of the Year 2014 was part of a team that turned around a struggling school. Follow her journey on Coach Katie’s blog.

Read the article from Gate’s Notes here …

Back To School Supplies

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Ahh, the Back to School event. Parents buying clothes and school supplies. But what about the teacher – do you have a list. Here is a article from the Chronicle of Higher Education listing some general items and the author’s personal things.

I am adding to my list –

  • Bold point retractible Uniball Jetstream pens
  • Blanket, jacket and umbrella
  • Change for the vending machine

Read the article here –

Back to School Habits

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Sharing a good article from Mind/Shift on the 5 Smart Habits to Develop for Back to School.

Tips include –

  • Move Beyond the Textbook
  • Read About All Things Education
  • Make a Professional Development Schedule

Read the article here … 

How 3 Different Generations Use The Internet

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The web is filled with videos, social media chatter, and more resources than your brain can handle. Who is putting all that stuff online? According to a new study on internet usage by different generations, all the content on the web may be coming from some unexpected places. Read more … 


from Edudemic

Connected Educators Month

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“Happy Connected Educators Month! Check out DOE’s new video starring connected educators who share their experiences about connection and why it has proven to be so important in their classrooms:

Seven Characteristics Of Teachers Who Use Technology Effectively

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An awesome graphic shared by colleagues in teachthought . The graphic  features 7 habits of the highly effective teachers using technology. Even though the habits mentioned are generic , they still  reflect part of the digital behavior teacher should embrace when using technology in their class.


Read more and see the graphic …


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